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Social Media Week

23 Sep

Hey everyone, guess what starts tomorrow?! If you guessed Social Media Week then you must have read the title of this post! OK it is still a bit early, give me some slack. šŸ˜‰

“Social Media Week is one of the worldā€™s most unique global platforms, offering a series of interconnected activities and conversations on emerging trends in social and mobile media” (FAQ). Social Media WeekĀ is a biannual conference that teaches users how to do things like simple programming, social engagement, marketing your brand or business, and emotionalĀ intelligenceĀ and how it affects Social Media usage. The class lists are extensive, and most are very reasonably priced. I saw a lot in the $35-$150 range.

So if you are in any of these areas over the next week it might be a good idea to stop in and register for a class! Maybe next year they can offer more in an online setting. You know, for those of us who can’t travel to awesome places like London or Vancouver. šŸ™‚ Maybe I will try to be in Toronto next time!

Click HERE for the link to Social Media Week!

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