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Random Mishaps from this Past Month

14 Aug

So we know no body is perfect, and this post is to prove it.

So here is what happens when you do not tighten the lid on your glue jar.

It's the glue monster!

This glue mass was the size of a softball. So from this I have learned that I need to double check that the glue jar is tightly closed.

Also as I am sure you are aware, I live in Florida, so we have random sun showers. And when I say sun shower I really mean torrential downfall. And this following picture is what happens when you forget your umbrella in the car.

It only rained for 5 minutes, it just happens that it was the same 5 minutes that I needed to be walking outside.

Soaking wet. And I still had to work for 5 more hours. I am so glad that we just happened to have a hair dryer on hand.

Just a little shower...

That is a 2 foot deep ramp that has been filled with rain. It took about 20 or so minutes to fill up.

The day after the rain storm.

When I went into work the next day this is what I found on the roof. This picture is looking up at the roof from the entrance to the library. Weeks later, we are not sure how one of our inside chairs landed up there. We don’t have any balconies or anything. Very curious.

But anywho, this is what I have so far. I will definitely continue posting mishaps and fun times at Special Collections!

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