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A new job calls!!

29 May

So as you all may or may not be aware I have started a new job! Up until mid April I was employed with the University of Central Florida’s University Archive and Special Collections department, but now I am a Senior Library Technical Assistant with the University of Central Florida’s Universal Orlando Foundation Library, phew! That is a mouthful! Basically I am the circulation supervisor for the UCF Rosen Library.

I am quite pleased to be chosen for this position as it is an increase in responsibility as well as pay. But I am very sad to leave the Special Collections department. However I have been told that I am welcome back anytime to help out! So that is awesome!

I didn’t get to quite finish my last project in Spec Coll, which was working on the University Photograph Collection, but I do have pictures of what I have done, which I can upload in a later post! Speaking of, I am trying to set up a sort of schedule for posting, which I am hoping to update weekly… We’ll see!

Some posts I have planned for the next few weeks are

-The last book repair in Spec Coll

-The Photograph Collection pictures

-My new favorite books I own! Quads within Quads

Hopefully I will get time to address this stuff in a timely manner 🙂 But if not please excuse me as I am crazy enough to take 3 summer MLIS courses.

Until next time!

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