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Cross-training Opportunities for Library Students and Staff

17 Jun

MLIS Cross-training Experiences

This past May was the Florida Library Association Conference, where I was fortunate to be able to show a poster presentation along with two colleagues and friends of mine, Ariana Santiago and Natasha White.

The three of us have had various experiences in cross-training while working in an academic library, and thought that our experiences may be similar to those of other MLIS students and recent graduates. We developed a survey to gather information and opinions regarding library cross-training, and received survey responses from ten staff members at the UCF Libraries who are either currently enrolled in an MLIS program or have graduated within the past year.

Poster Presentation at FLA Conference 2013

Prior to the FLA Conference, we also presented at our region’s FLVC Library Services User Meeting, sharing information gathered from our research. This presentation focused on the benefits of cross-training to both the individual and the library or institution. Here is a link to the Prezi from this presentation.

We got a lot of positive feedback and thoroughly enjoyed both both experiences. Hopefully we will expand on this in the future by refining our survey and distributing it more broadly. Here are a few selected articles for further reading on library cross-training, for those interested:

  • Carr, A. F. and Kawakami, A. K. (2002). A successful cross-training experience of reference service at UCLA. Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 21(2), 15-19. doi: 10.1300/J115v21n02_02
  • Fain, M., Brown, M., and Faix, A. (2004). Cross-training reference librarians to catalog. Technical Services Quarterly, 22(1), 41-53. 10.1300/J124v22n01_05
  • Gossen, E., Reynolds, F., Ricker, K., and Smirensky H. (1990). Forging new communication links in an academic library: A cross-training experiment. Journal Of Academic Librarianship16(1), 18-21.


Note: The numbering system is a touch off as we originally created it to jump from one question to another based on your answer. For ease of access we took out all of that and allowed you to see the blank survey in its entirety.


4th Annual UCF Book Festival

13 Apr

Wow! It has been a pretty awesome day! I was fortunate enough to be asked to moderate a panel of Authors for this year’s UCF Book Festival.

This year there were 55 authors conducting 20 panels. Topics ranged from children’s books to pop-lit to horror and more.

So this is how it went down.

  • I got an email on Monday from a coworker in a panic because she wasn’t able to moderate the panel. She was looking for help. I volunteered because it looked AWESOME!
  • The 4 children’s books were dropped off to me on Wednesday.
  • I read all 4 in a mad dash over 2 days.
  • Laughed my butt off (Which was appropriate as the panel was titled “ROTFL= Roll on the Floor Laughing”)
  • Met up with the authors the night before at the Festival Reception (I felt fancy. They served things like whipped sweet potatoes with BBQed Pulled Pork with an orchid as a garnish AND served in a martini glass… yeah, like I said, fancy…)
  • Learned that I need to write a book so I can attend more fancy receptions and galas.
  • Chatted and joked with various authors and big names like UCF President Hitt and Lou Frey.
  • Ate more food.
  • Collected business cards.
  • Enjoyed the UCF Jazz band. (They are really good!)
  • Went home.
  • Woke up too early and got to the Festival super early.
  • Hung out with my authors some more.
  • Panel (We kicked butt, made lots of people laugh).

That should have been the end of my involvement but I decided to help out some more. As my authors were not familiar with the UCF arena I decided to stalk out the rest of their schedule to help them find where they needed to be. So I did this while they were stuck signing books. 🙂 I also got my books signed (Well resigned. They were already personalized to the previous moderator so they ‘fixed’ them, which makes them even more awesome (as if that were possible)). {You like my parentheseption?}

Where was I? I like to go off on tangents, a lot, ask my friends.

Right! I helped them get where they needed to go and even got to have a nice lunch with them (with the most amazing dessert bar, called a Congo bar. SO GOOD! Make some, then pile the good stuff on top for maximum awesome.)


Jeez, I haven’t even told you the names of the authors yet! I’m hopeless.

  1. Todd Hasak-Lowy wrote “33 Minutes Until Morgan Sturtz Kicks my Butt”. It was a great book about getting into a fight in middle school, fire drills, food fights, and the idea of losing your best friend. Great read!
  2. Ellis Weiner wrote “The Templeton Twins Have and Idea”. I am super excited that this will be a series! Yay! A set of brilliant  twins have to outwit their kidnappers to get back to their dad. There are zany inventions, a recipe for meatloaf, and a Ridiculous Dog. Loved it!
  3. Alan Katz wrote “Ricky Vargas: The Funniest Kid in the World”. Broken up into 3 short sections of hilariousness. It holds a special place on my book shelf.

Well, all of them have a special place on my book shelf…

I will have to upload a few pictures for you from the event later this week. Have you ever been to a Book Festival or Book event in general? Where? and What did you think about it? Comment!

Repairing a loose binding

31 Aug

So here is a long overdue post. Sadly, this was the last repair I was able to do in the UCF Special Collections department. At least it was a fun last project.

Warning! This is a picture heavy post!

This is the front of the book “Essays of Elia” prior to doing any work. What do you see? Oh yeah, all that tape.

Book Spine, more tape!

And guess what, more tape and adhesive!

A close up of me slowly lifting the clear adhesive off of the inlaid gold ink.

Another closeup.

Tape is gone, but now the book is super sticky. So to fix that I bring in my secret weapon!

Magic Rub! A great non-abrasive way to rub off the sticky mess left by stickers/tape/etc.

Good as new! You would never know there was a sticker there! I wish all adhesive jobs were this simple.

Stickers are gone and the book is back to its original look.

Here is a torn page that has been repaired with Japanese tissue paper and wheat paste. You can barely tell that there was a tear! Fortunately this is all reversible in case better methods come along later. 🙂

This happens to a lot of older books. So we are going to go ahead and put that back together with some reversible PVA.

First I went ahead and found a small piece of Japanese tissue paper that would just cover the opening. This reinforces the repair.

Now I evenly cover the tissue paper with wheat paste.

And of course place it in the void. I used a stiff paint brush and a bone folder to ease the paper into the crack.

I have the previously repaired torn page between two sheets of acid free paper with just about 2mm of the left edge showing. I then use this as a guide for painting on the PVA because it makes a nice straight line. This is called ‘tipping in’.

Now I lay the paper in place and close the book. I then slide in a sheet of mylar on either side of the repaired paper just in case a bit of PVA seeps out. It is easier to pull glue off of plastic than it is paper. Even if it is reversible glue.

This was probably one of my favorite repairs. I love that there were multiple things that needed doing and I really enjoyed bringing the book back to life. Sadly, it was my last repair job at UCF as of now, but maybe I will be allowed to come repair items as a volunteer here when I get more free time!

A new job calls!!

29 May

So as you all may or may not be aware I have started a new job! Up until mid April I was employed with the University of Central Florida’s University Archive and Special Collections department, but now I am a Senior Library Technical Assistant with the University of Central Florida’s Universal Orlando Foundation Library, phew! That is a mouthful! Basically I am the circulation supervisor for the UCF Rosen Library.

I am quite pleased to be chosen for this position as it is an increase in responsibility as well as pay. But I am very sad to leave the Special Collections department. However I have been told that I am welcome back anytime to help out! So that is awesome!

I didn’t get to quite finish my last project in Spec Coll, which was working on the University Photograph Collection, but I do have pictures of what I have done, which I can upload in a later post! Speaking of, I am trying to set up a sort of schedule for posting, which I am hoping to update weekly… We’ll see!

Some posts I have planned for the next few weeks are

-The last book repair in Spec Coll

-The Photograph Collection pictures

-My new favorite books I own! Quads within Quads

Hopefully I will get time to address this stuff in a timely manner 🙂 But if not please excuse me as I am crazy enough to take 3 summer MLIS courses.

Until next time!

Here is to a New Year!

1 Jan

First of all, allow me to begin by wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! I hope all of your season’s festivities were grand. 

It has been quite a year. I started a new job, started my Master’s, and started seriously looking into future job situations. 2011 has been a year of change and growing for me and I hope it continues into 2012. 

I finished my first term at USF and ending it with a larger knowledge of the Library and what it entails to work in one. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes than just answering questions at Reference or just pulling tape off of books in Special Collections. I was lucky enough to work or volunteer in several different positions at UCF and I have learned a lot from the people who worked with me, and for that I am greatful. 

My first term ended well, I obtained two A’s and one B. However hopefully this will be the last B I get…

But because I am so tired now from celebrating New Years I will leave you with thanks and cheers and a lot of hope for 2012.

Until next post!

Random Mishaps from this Past Month

14 Aug

So we know no body is perfect, and this post is to prove it.

So here is what happens when you do not tighten the lid on your glue jar.

It's the glue monster!

This glue mass was the size of a softball. So from this I have learned that I need to double check that the glue jar is tightly closed.

Also as I am sure you are aware, I live in Florida, so we have random sun showers. And when I say sun shower I really mean torrential downfall. And this following picture is what happens when you forget your umbrella in the car.

It only rained for 5 minutes, it just happens that it was the same 5 minutes that I needed to be walking outside.

Soaking wet. And I still had to work for 5 more hours. I am so glad that we just happened to have a hair dryer on hand.

Just a little shower...

That is a 2 foot deep ramp that has been filled with rain. It took about 20 or so minutes to fill up.

The day after the rain storm.

When I went into work the next day this is what I found on the roof. This picture is looking up at the roof from the entrance to the library. Weeks later, we are not sure how one of our inside chairs landed up there. We don’t have any balconies or anything. Very curious.

But anywho, this is what I have so far. I will definitely continue posting mishaps and fun times at Special Collections!

Using Methyl-Cellulose to Clean (UCF Special Collections)

14 Aug

So today I decided to take some pictures of the work Whitney and I are doing this week. Being new to conservation I was unaware of Methyl-cellulose’s ability to clean gunk from old bindings…. It works quite well I must say.

One of my personal books I decided to test on.

I know, I know, this is definitely an awesome book. Very tempting alas I must do a little damage to it! So the cover paper isn’t attached to the board at all and the spine is held together with, yup you are seeing it correctly, MASKING TAPE! Well, I guess it is better than duct tape, but not by much.

Tape, the bane of my existence...

So the first step we took was to remove the masking tape and add the methyl-cellulose to the spine to clean it. We used the Talas directions of 1 quart water to 5 tablespoons of methyl-cellulose mix.

Painting on the poultice! Please excuse the lack of make-up 🙂

So now we wait about 10 minutes and then remove  the goop from the spine.

Here comes the netting that was stuck.

After 10 minutes it was surprisingly easy to remove the netting and old crusty glue that was left behind.

Removing old glue and Methyl-Cellulose with a spatula.

Thank you Whitney for modeling 🙂 (It is very difficult to clean books and take pictures at the same time. We ended up repeating the adding and scrapping of the mix until the spine was a clean as we thought it could get.

As a cleaning agent I give Methyl-cellulose an A for cleaning! My only caution would be to be careful when removing the poultice. I did notice that with our micro-spatulas the signatures seemed to tear at the stitches due to the dampness. But other than that. I was great and we shall be using it again.

I would love to hear some of your questions/comments/retorts/etc. I would love to read them so leave a comment!

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