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Finally a Graduate!

17 Dec

December 15, 2012

That is the day that I walked across the stage to receive my degree!

Walking across the stage

Walking across the stage

I enrolled in my first three LIS courses in August of 2011 and went to school full-time for four semesters, while also working full-time. It was a LOT of work but well worth it. I can’t be more proud of myself and relieved that it is finally over.

I have met new friends and had a lot of fun networking, and I will never forget the people who kept me going when all I wanted to do was get more sleep! 🙂

My amazing husband

My amazing husband

First, I want to thank my amazing husband. Without you supporting my idea to get my Master’s I don’t think I could have done it! Also, thank you for putting up with the long nights of studying and calming me during comps. You are the best friend, partner, and husband a woman could ever ask for. So thank you!

Good friends

Good friends

Thank you Sarah, Natasha, and Ariana for being awesome classmates. You all made class more interesting and bearable during long weeks of group projects and helped brainstorm paper ideas AND all of the proofreading and editing! You ladies are amazing and I would consider it an honor to continue to work and network with all of you!

A massive thank you to my friends who have put up with me cancelling plans and missing lunch dates because my paper “just isn’t right yet”. Megan, you have really been a phenomenal inspiration to me not only personally but professionally as well. There were days when I felt so overwhelmed that I thought I would burst and like the amazing friend you are you dropped everything to cheer me up and push me forward. Whitney! Holy cow, thank you for teaching me literally everything I know about conservation and preservation and for being an amazing listener and advice giver. Thank you for always being there to bounce ideas off of and for being a very patient teacher. You are amazing and my life has been greatly improved by having you in it. That goes for all of you really, I don’t think friends come any better than you ladies!

Thank you Mom and Dad for instilling in me from an early age the importance of reading and education. And thank you for giving me all the tools I would need to be successful. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without the two of you!

I want to thank all of my professors (especially Jim Schnur and Penney Beile) for continuously making the topics interesting and relevant to the current field. Without all of you I wouldn’t have known that the LIS field extends far beyond what I had ever imagined.

Lastly, thank you to the Librarians I have encountered throughout this entire process. From my grade school Media Center specialists who encouraged me to read far beyond my grade level and who introduced me to some of my favorite books and genres to the Librarians that I now have the honor of calling my colleagues. You have all been an inspiration and I hope that one day I will inspire young Librarians as well.

So thank you all! I feel blessed to have so many friends and people to share this momentous achievement with! But for now, it is time to sit back and relax and maybe go on vacation because now the real fun starts… Now I get to job hunt.

And now for a small slide show of my graduation pictures.

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…One Giant Leap!

16 Oct

First things first… New layout!! Woohoo! It was time for an upgrade 😉

Secondly, sorry about the lack of postings, I JUST TOOK FREAKING COMPS! But I am not really able to talk about it until after they are graded (I am pretty sure that is how that works… who knows).

Anyway, I am off to pass out from exhaustion and give my poor hands a break from typing. lol JK!

Yeah I wish, I have more homework to complete 😉

Week 1, Social Media for Information Professionals

1 Sep

Is this your first time you created a blog?

This is not my first time creating a blog. I had to create a co-op blog for my final semester in my Undergrad program at UCF instead of using the webcourse system so that is how I learned about blogging. I initially used Blogger because it is a Google product and it was very easy, but after a while I wanted more control of my options so I made the switch to WordPress (And LOVE it!) It takes a bit of getting used to in the beginning but overall I feel like I have more control of what the blog looks like and how it works.

I also have another blog that I am working on that I haven’t decided if I would like to publish to yet called “Insert Geek Pun” also on WordPress. I plan to use it starting at the beginning of the year to document my downward spiral into Geekdom. So that should be fun.

What is your experience with using (reading) blogs? For which purposes have you used blogs?

I actually follow a ton of blogs. I use Google Reader to follow, but just because it is easier than some of the other aggregators. I follow multiple blogs on various topics.

For instance I follow probably 2 art blogs, 20 Book and Paper Conservation blogs, 27 Library blogs, 7 Ancient Near Eastern Anthropological blogs, and about 15 tech blogs.

That sounds like a lot but people post to their blogs so infrequently it is rather easy to keep up.

I like to use blogs as a study tool or to look up what other people are talking about and doing the fields I am interested in. I have learned to go beautiful book bindings through tutorials that people post and I have seen some new gadgets be tested before they are released. So overall I would say I use them to keep up to date and to fill in the gaps in my learning as most people allow comments and will respond if you have questions.

What do you like or dislike about using blogs?

I like that the blogger community is open and accessible. I love the history channel and Discovery channel because they are educational, but if you have questions you have to either forget it or go on a mad hunt and hope you get sources that answer your question. But with blogs the person teaching you is right there, just a click away and you can interact with them.

I also love that there is no schedule. You are able to blog, post, read, and respond at any point in time and it is still completely interactive. It is also a ton of fun to serendipitously discover new blogs that cover topics you never would have thought someone was writing about. For instance, as an undergrad I was planning to go into a MA in Archaeology in Ancient Near Eastern Studies (I love Mesopotamia and Cuneiform… If I could work in the Chicago Institute or Yale…) and I came across several blogs discussing how to learn to read and write Ancient Assyrian and Sumerian. And that was just amazing to me.

As for dislikes, I can’t really think of any regarding the medium as a whole. I think generally it works for a large number of people and that is awesome.

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